About Chocolat de Paris

Our Story

Jean Brachant, a chocolate manufacturer from Limoges, opened his first shop in one of the most beautiful areas of Paris in 1936 just before the Second World War. He then left it in 1967 to his son Louis Brachant who gave it the name "Chocolat de Paris".

Strict and rigorous with the demands of a career as chocolate manufacturer, Louis Brachant always had the greatest ambitions for his company. His love and passion for chocolate, or "little god’s sin" as he always called it, pushed him to produce one of today's finest creations in the chocolate world – the chocolate truffle.

Chocolate Truffles

A master chocolatier since 1936, “Chocolat de Paris” mixes passion and expertise to produce pure truffle butter of the highest quality and following the regulatory controls. “Chocolat de Paris” assiduously conforms to the regulations to ensure a safe and consistent finished product whilst retaining authenticity.

The authenticity of our truffles

The quality of our truffles and the development of their 19 different recipes have created over the years the reputation of the name of “Chocolat de Paris”. Proposed in our traditional and famous metal box, it has become the world’s reference for the chocolate truffle. The box is unique and has been specially created to protect the exquisite taste of our truffles.

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