Our range of truffles


The original truffle has a delicate and exquisite texture and is covered by a fine cocoa powder protecting a sublime tasty chocolate mousse. A taste to overwhelm and seduce both the serious chocolate connoisseur or the ardent amateur.

Candied Orange

This marvellous recipe of a chocolate truffle hints a taste of orange and is one of the most popular products at “Chocolat de Paris”.

Candied Lemon

Covered with a fine cocoa powder protecting the delicate chocolate truffle and lemon peel, this recipe is exquisite and especially enjoyed by the chocolate consumers of Paris. Allow yourself to be tempted by this delicious recipe.


Let yourself be seduced by this alliance between the ultimate chocolate truffle and nougat. Honey and spices of the nougat mixed together with the chocolate of the truffles is a marriage of refinement and taste.


Discover the alliance of the chocolate and the tropical fruit of the mango tree, a tasting innovation of “Chocolat de Paris”. Exotic and enchanting, this recipe will enchant you with a taste of the tropics.


Chocolate and strawberries are two products adored by the French, “Chocolat de Paris” has married both into a delicious truffle, which has been elected truffle of the year by consumers. The only regret would be not to have ordered enough!


These truffles with an authentic taste of raspberry and chocolate are fresh and delicious. We recommend serving them at the end of lunch or dinner with a sweet wine for dessert such as Banylus, Maury or Porto.


The marriage of pear and chocolate is absolutely irresistible. Soft and fine, they will enchant your taste buds further after a good meal.

Marc de Champagne

There are not many products which are more luxurious than the truffles Marc de Champagne. These truffles have won their noble title with the greatest connoisseurs of chocolate.


These truffles are absolutely irresistible; they are subtly flavoured with Cognac from the Charente Maritime area of France. The mixture between spirit and chocolate is a delight that needs no introduction.


Irresistible truffles that melt in the mouth, highlighted by the subtle taste of the orange flavoured Cointreau, a liqueur made from orange peel, sweet and bitter that blends in harmony with the chocolate of the truffles of “Chocolat de Paris”.


The interior of this chocolate truffle is full of an exquisite soft mousse flavoured with almonds. Its original taste will surprise and enchant you.


The truffles are flavoured with the legendary Belgian/French Spéculoos biscuits, which give the truffle a granular texture due to presence of cane sugar. The truffles are crunchy and are perfect for teatime.

Salted Caramel

These truffles are absolutely irresistible and differ in taste from the classic chocolate truffle. The mixture of chocolate with salty caramel is the savoury signature at “Chocolat de Paris”. This mixture is exceptional in giving the chocolate a fantastic flavour.


These truffles are absolutely irresistible; they are highlighted with a subtle hint of ginger. This complicity between the flavours of chocolate and ginger will awaken your senses.


This exceptional recipe of chocolate truffle and liquorice will surprise you with its richness and taste.

Cocoa Beans

Sweet lovers will be seduced by these truffles, which are infused with tiny pieces of cocoa beans. Each truffle gives the melting affect but is at the same time crunchy in the mouth and carries the impartial bitter after-taste of the cocoa bean. A successful recipe favoured by dedicated fans of “Chocolat de Paris”.